Month: December 2016

The Deception of Being “Busy”

When I first released my book, one of the most frequent questions people asked was, “How on earth do you find the time to do everything you do?” To which I laughed and replied, “I have no idea. I guess I just do.” Two years ago, when I began writing the first draft, I was […]

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I thought I was better. I thought that I was passed the point of uncontrollable tears at the mere mention of you. Yet, somehow I knew this day would have to come eventually. And on this day, I would have to face the truth of what you will always mean to me. You will always […]

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I Used to Believe in Fairytales

People often wonder how someone can be rich and depressed or poor and happy. As if the things that we have or the things that happen to us have to affect who we are. They don’t. When we accept that, we stop putting our energy into the white picket fence and we start investing in who we are and who want to be.

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