Hello 🙂

My name is Takia Ebonee Lamb and in effort to be as personable as possible, I want to tell you more about who I am than what I’ve done. When I write, my goal has always been to make people feel what I’m feeling. I believe it takes skill to express things in such a way that a voice, that can not physically be heard, is brought forth from the page. Not to say that I can do this. Just saying, it’s something I would like to do.

When asked who I am, I always begin with four things. I am a wife, a mother, a Christian, and a Black woman. These are the major driving forces in my life. They govern how I feel, what is right and ultimately they inform my perspective. So, proceed accordingly.

I am an devout believer in introspection and understanding who you are. I’ve encountered a lot of people who struggle with their identity and it saddens me more than most things. If you only knew who you were and how amazing that person is, how much better would this whole journey be?

I believe in purpose. There is no such thing as coincidence. God has a reason for everything. He is just that good. I believe in Jesus Christ and struggle with organized religion. C’est La Vie.

I am a writer, an artist, a social worker, and an organizer.

From this perspective, I view the world.